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I didn't really enjoy this one over the past ones, it felt too cringy and slow. Just characters talking slow and that was the only focus instead of looking around at other stuff to catch your eye while in past parts they did have stuff going on. Relying on popular games or shows and there reference just feels that this one will fall into obscurity. The whole pokemon Go junk that is still going on is not really annoying but just tuning it out and hoping it would move along, it would be funny if just a random person would talk about how Pokemon Go was created seven or eight years ago when heartgold and soulsilver packaged pokemon pedometers with the game so you could travel with your pokemon from your game and also catch, level, and even find items. Same concept but done almost a decade ago without all the annoying updates. I'm probably alone on this one but that Patron paywall censorship was the most annoying thing about this, I know life imitating art junk but it is already stupid and tons of people post that junk here already. I know I should just enjoy it for what it is but the first part seem to have a better balance, you used just as many references to shows or games and the audio clips as well but it never was the focal point of the animation. That is what I feel is being lost in this one, instead the journey it was more of check out this meme or reference.

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mattyburrito responds:

I appreciate you still giving it a watch nonetheless and thank you for the critique. I'll work to improve the pacing, balance, and content in the future.

Great job with the animation, it was fluid, well put together, and funny. A lot of the points in the content can cause arguments and heated discussions, such as pointing out the lack of videos an animator creates compared to Let's Players, the ability of being subscribed or unsubbing, or even stating having big plans or projects in the work.

I do apologize that people constantly harp at you for animations and content but the reason quite honestly is we're bored. We really just want something to enjoy and pass the time that has some good substance and when the lack of communication happens is when people move forward to lesser comedy. We just want a good laugh and a little escape. The only other reason people get after animators is when they want to use pay sites to get monthly paychecks off the back of old animations and not deliver for several months let alone update.

Mainly as viewers or people who support your craft and creativity really just want a little communication and update, we understand that it takes a long time but we really just want a little information on what is going on. Good luck with the content and looking forward to what you are creating.

The animation and art is solid, the one question I want to know is why can't you put this much time and dedication into your actual original content? You instantly jumped on the bandwagon of hate for what these people have done and have said you made this in a few days, why can't we see this level of determination in your original content? I get you would be busy with your job or what you need to do to survive but if you can find the time to make a very well polished animation talking about some shitheads on the internet there really is no excuse.

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A really fun and well thought out game, if you plan right you can grab all the ruins and it gives it the resource gathering strategy I enjoy. A truly well made game with soothing music.

Fun concept, good job. It all depends on what you will do with this game so I can't really give any feedback since I don't know which way you will be going with this game. RPG? Action? Don't really know

This game has a good learning curve to it, I would like a health meter instead of being hit once and losing a life. You could also have food lying around such as pork buns or bento boxes to increase your health than!

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A physical assault on the eardrums with nothing in it to be appealing, didn't even want to listen to it since it come onto the radio channel. Take some music classes and learn about scoring and stop trying to be a meme.

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I love this piece, it is so god damn cute! Although half point missing because background is bland, at least throw a bit of texture or light cast, maybe a picture?


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SmokeDrop responds:

I really would like to continue this but my line art needs a bit of improving first. I'm working on it. This project might have to be pushed up a little though.

It's a good piece, the only thing is the feet and shoes. They are twisted around the wrong way, we should see the back the shoes near the heel and the toe of the shoes should be pointing away or to the front. One way to fix this is reversing the shoes and make her look pigeon toed.

Regacen responds:

That was done on purpose lol.

That's how Crystal works.

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